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List Description
Acct-Accounts-Payable Accounts Payable News and Announcements
Acct-Contracts-and-Grants-Accounting Accounting Contracts and Grants Workshop and Event Announcements
Acct-Gen-Accounting-Fiscal-Closing General Accounting and Fiscal Closing Announcements
Advance-WebMigration University Advancement Web Migration project
Anthropology-25a-lecture Anthropology 25a lecture
Arc-outdoor-adventures Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventures
arts-dance-grad Arts Graduate Dancers
arts-drama-heads Arts Drama Heads
arts-drama-phd Arts Graduate PHDs
arts-drama-staff Arts Drama Staff
arts-drama-subheads Arts Drama Subheads
arts-drama-theincrew Arts Drama TheInCrew
Arts-Music-Nonsenate-Faculty CTSA Music NonSenate Faculty
Arts-Music-UnderGrads Arts Music UnderGrads
arts-prostaff Arts Production Staff
artstor-uci Library ARTstor UCI User Services Group
ATH-BrenStaff Bren Center Staff
ATH-BusinessOfficeStaff Athletics Business Office Staff
ATH-Coaches Athletic Department Coaches
ATH-DevelopmentStaff Athletics Development Staff
ATH-ExternalAffairsStaff Athletics External Affairs Staff
ATH-HeadCoaches Athletic Head Coaches
ATH-StudentStaff Athletic Student Staff
ATH-VolunteerCoaches Athletic Department Volunteer Coaches
AV-SFL-Advisors Arroyo Vista Sorority & Fraternity Themed House Sponsors
Bio-neuro-REMGroup Reorganization of Episodic Memories (REM) PPG Group
bio-neuroscholar CNLM Neuroscholars Program Annoucements
CCRNews Center for Clinical Research News and Announcements
CECS-Alumni Center for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems - Alumni
CECS-CadLab-Alumni Center for Embedded Computer Systems - CADLAB Alumni
CECS-Newsletter Center for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems - Newsletter
ChicanoLatino-EmphasisGrads Chicano Latino Studies Emphasis Graduate Students
Classics-Tric UC's Tri-Campus Graduate Program Faculty
COEH-Dosimetry-Conference Dosimetry Conference
CogSci-AIC-test Cognitive Science - Annual Interdisciplinary Conference - test list
Conslist [no description available]
CRSP-users List for RCIC staff at UCI to contact CRSP users
CRTworkshop Critical
DeptList-Test MailMan department-lists-oit test list
DiversityinMedicine Diversity in Medicine
DiversityinMedicine-Alumni Diversity in Medicine-Alumni
DSC-staff Disability Services Center staff
DUE-ISEP-engage Messaging
DUE-newfresh2010-other New incoming freshman students - other
DUE-newfresh2010-uci New incoming freshman students
DUE-newtransfer2010-other New transfer students 2010 - other
DUE-newtransfer2010-uci New transfer students 2010
DUE-TLTCReservations Teaching Learning & Tech reservations to attend campuswide workshops & colloquia
EcoEvo-Ed Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Education group
EcoEvo-GISworkshop Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Geographic Information Systems Workshop
EcoEvogradBookClub Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Book Club
education-ocean-all OCEAN
education-ocean-fellows Ocean
Education-uciwritingproject UCI Writing Project General Mailing List
EEC-SMG UCPath EEC Senior Management Group coordination
EHS-newsletter EH&S Newsletter announcements and news
EHS-training-schedule EH&S classes and training
eng-cardiocore Edwards Lifesciences Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Technology core lab facility
English-PhD-Jobseekers English PhD Jobseekers
English-PoeticTheory Poetics History and Theory at UCI
English-SummerMA Summer MA English Students
Equipment-mgmt-announcements Equipment Management Announcements
Fac-timesheet Facilities timesheet project
FM-Alarm-Test Facilities Management - Fire Alarm Testing Schedule
FreeSpeech-Fellows2019 2019-2020 UC Free Speech Center Fellows
FreeSpeech-Fellows2020 2020-2021 UC Free Speech Center Fellows
FreeSpeech-Fellows2021 2021-2022 UC Free Speech Center Fellows
FreeSpeech-Fellows2022 2021-2022 UC Free Speech Center Fellows
FreeSpeech-FellowsAndMentors2020 2020-2021 UC Free Speech Center Fellows and Fellow Mentors
Health-Announcements Health Announcements
Health-OGIG-20-21 ObGyn Interest Group issues and events
HR-AllStaff Human Resources All Staff
HR-Benefits Human Resources Benefits
HR-HealthNet-Members Human Resources - Health Net Members
HUM-adhoc-languages School of Humanities ad hoc committee on language instruction for 2016
Hum-commons-advisory Humanities Commons Advisory board
Hum-Commons-Events Humanities Commons public and academic events
hum-icwt International Center for Writing and Translation in the School of Humanities
ICS-46-Prof-TAs ICS 46 Prof and TAs Communication and Discussion
Ics-ifh members or affiliates of the Institute for Future Health.
ICSCorporateAffiliate Bren School of ICS Corporate Affiliates
ICSFriends Bren School of ICS Friends
ICTS-awardees Institute for Clinical and Translational Science Awardees
ICTS-BERD ICTS Bio-statitstics Group
ICTS-Chairs Institute for Clinical and Translational Science - Chairs
icts-leadership Mailing list for icts committee, leadership
icts-member Mailing for ICTS member
ICTS-mentors UCI Institute for Clinical and Translational Science mentors
ICTS-OA-HOTT Opiate and Drug Abuse Health Oriented Translational Teams
ICTS-Padrinos ICTS Padrinos group
ICTS-PI Institute for Clinical & Translational Science
ICTS-Scholars ICTS Scholars
ICTS-UCIHealtyCampus ICTS - NIH Healthy Campus 2020 framework
Informatics-131-Staff Teaching staff for Informatics 131
Informatics-133-Help Informatics 133 student questions
Informatics-DesignTheory Design Theory Reading Group
LangProcGroup UCI Language Processing Group
lauc2008 Library LAUC 2008 Spring Assembly
law-admit2012 Law School Planning Committee for 2012 Admitted Students Weekend
Law-CLEANR The Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources (CLEANR)
LAW-MootCourt2021 UCI Law Moot Court
libaccserv Library Access Service Department
Libacleads Library Leaders of the Acquisition and Catalog department
libacq Library Acquisitions Dept
libahspod Library Arts and Humanities Pod
libartsmc Library Arts Media Center Project
libas Library Administrative Services Division
libask-l Library Ask a Librarian providers
Libaskstudents Library Ask Us Desk Students
libasl Library All Science Employees
libasldad Library Science Document Access and Delivery
libasldrs Library Science Loan Desk-Reserves-Stacks
Libaslfloorwarden Library Ayala Science Library Floor Warden
libasllib Library Science Librarians
libast Library Administrative Services Team
libbibgp Library Bibliographers Group
libbibref Library Bibliographers/Reference Staff
libbus Library Business Office
libcat Library Catalog Dept
libchat Library Staff Informal Discussion List
LibCLIR-DLF Library Council on Library and Information Resources Task Force
libcolldevdept Library Collection Strategies Dept
libcpc Library Cataloging Policy Cttee
Libdata LAUC-I Data Literacy Conference
libdatateam Library Data Team
Libdda Library Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA)
Libdhig Library Digital Humanities Interest Group
Libdptf Library Diversity Planning Task Force
libds Library
Libdssc Library Digital Scholarship Strategic Council
Libediblebooks Library Edible Books Festival
liberbreech Library E-Resources License Breech Team
Liberds E-Research & Digital Scholarship Services Unit
Liberdseag Library E-Research Advisory Group
Libexcellinacadlib Excellence in Academic Libraries Task Force
libexhibits Library Exhibits Program Team
libexternalrelations Libraries External Relations Group
libfacilities Library Facilities Dept
libfloorwardens Library Floor Wardens
libgml Library Grunigen Medical Library
libgmlref Library GML Reference Librarians
Libgosc UCI Libraries Grant Opportunities Strategic Council
Libhealthy Healthy Workplace Working Group
libhrdept Library Human Resources Dept
Libhsedt Library Health Sciences Education
libilldds Library Interlibrary Loan-Document Delivery Service
libimtf Library Instant Messaging Task Force
libITCgroup Library GML ITC Staff
libitems Libitems
Libleadcouncil Library Leadership Council
libll Library All Langson Employees
liblldad Library Langson Document Access and Delivery
liblldrs Library Langson Loan Desk-Reserves-Stacks
Libllfloorwarden Library Langson Library Floor Warden
liblllib Library Langson Librarians
liblsig Library School Interest Group
Libltf Library Libguides Task Force
Libmanagement Library Management Forum
Libmarketing Library Marketing Team
Libmega Library Mega Group
libmfsteering Library Management Forum Steering Committee
libmrcall Library MRC Students and Staff
libmrcstaff Library MRC Staff
libnewu Library New University Newspaper Digitizing Project
libns Library All Librarians
Libnslaw Law Librarians
liborgres Library Org Resources Workgroup
Libosc Library Organizational Structure Committee
libps Library Public Services Division
libpsleads Library Public Services Leads
libpslibs Library Public Services Librarians
Libqp-scripts Library Question Point Transcript
librefdept Library Reference Department
Librefla Library Reference Library Assistants
Librr Library Research Resources Division
libsca Library Special Collections and Archives Department
libsl Library Science Employees
Libsptf Library Strategic Planning Task Force
libsspod Library Social Sciences Pod
libstaff Library All Staff Employees (Non-Librarians)
libtebi Library Technology, Equipment and Building Improvement Team
libtodac Library TODAC
libval Value of the Libraries Task Force
MAE-CoSysLab Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Cooperative Systems Lab
mc-arroyo mc-arroyo
mc-bahia mc-bahia
mc-barranca mc-barranca
mc-brisa mc-brisa
mc-caballo-2 mc-caballo-2
mc-caballo-3 mc-caballo-3
mc-caballo-4 mc-caballo-4
mc-caballo-5 mc-caballo-5
mc-caballo-6 mc-caballo-6
mc-camino mc-camino
mc-cascada mc-cascada
mc-cielo mc-cielo
mc-ciudad mc-ciudad
MC-Council Mesa Court MCC & ACE
mc-cuesta mc-cuesta
mc-cumbre mc-cumbre
mc-estrella mc-estrella
mc-isla mc-isla
mc-jardin mc-jardin
mc-lago mc-lago
mc-laguna mc-laguna
mc-lluvia mc-lluvia
mc-loma mc-loma
mc-mariposa-2 mc-mariposa-2
mc-mariposa-3 mc-mariposa-3
mc-mariposa-4 mc-mariposa-4
mc-mariposa-5 mc-mariposa-5
mc-mariposa-6 mc-mariposa-6
mc-niebla mc-niebla
mc-nubes mc-nubes
mc-ondas mc-ondas
mc-otero mc-otero
mc-palo mc-palo
mc-playa-2 mc-playa-2
mc-playa-3 mc-playa-3
mc-playa-4 mc-playa-4
mc-playa-5 mc-playa-5
mcsummerstaff Mesa Court Summer Staff
me-attendant Middle Earth Housing staff responsible for the daily operatations of each facility and provide service to students and g
me-ca Middle Earth Summer Conference Assistants (CAs)
ME-CampusConnections Middle Earth's Campus Connections Program
ME-ccexecs ME Community Council execs
Me-Coastline Middle Earth Coastline
ME-Cove Middle Earth Cove
ME-CP ME Community Programmers
ME-Grasslands Middle Earth Grasslands
ME-Hillside Middle Earth Hillside
ME-Publicity Middle Earth Publicity
me-summerstaff [no description available]
ME-Woodlands Middle Earth Woodlands
MedHum-ReadingGroup UCI graduate reading group focusing on Medical Humanities
Merage-ODT-Seminars Merage Operations and Decision Technologies Seminars
NCS-Genomics National Children's Study - Genomics
newsbib UC Newspaper Bibliographers
oit-edtech-alerts OIT Educational Technology Alerts
OIT-Networker-Announce OIT Networker Announce
Ophthalmology-PalczewskiLab Ophthalmology Palczewski Lab
Payroll-Case-Mgmt Payroll troubleshooting between UCI Payroll and UCPC
Pediatrics-academic UCI General Academic Pediatrics
Pediatrics-project-reach Pediatrics Project Reach
PH-Masters-Alumni Public Health MPH Alumni from UC Irvine
PH-PHD-Alumni Public Health Ph.D alumni from UC Irvine
PH-Preceptors Public Health Preceptors
PH-UG-Alumni Public Health Bachelors Degree alumni from UC Irvine
Philosophy-Hypatia Philosophy Hypatia
phrmsci-alexchan Official communication between research group members
Physics-JDSY-lab Research group of Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi
Physics-Women Department of Physics & Astronomy Women at UCI
PSB-Jobs Psychology and Social Behavior - Jobs
PublicHealth-Grads UCI Graduate Public Health Association
SA-ELP Student Affairs Executive Leadership Program
scamp Library Scholarly Communication and Management Program
SE-PSGradJobs Social Ecology - Psychological Science career opportunities
SE-UP3-Faculty UP3-Faculty
Sociology-Statistics Sociology - Statistics Reading Group
socsci-ath2b-w20 Students of ATH 2B that attend Tuesday section
SOE-Student-Workers SOE Student Workers
SOM-AWS School
SOM-eQuality eQuality group at UCI SOM
SOM-Innovators iMEdEd curriculum
SOM-ipadworkgroup SOM ipad and mobile curricula workgroup
SOM-MedicalHumanities Updates, events, and opportunities in medical humanities
SPPS-PharmD-Classof2025 Pharmacy Students Class of 2025
SS-associateprof Social Science Associate Professors
SS-KnowHowSessions DECADE Know-How Sessions
SSS-Students Student Support Services
Testconf [no description available]
TheHill-AntTech The Hill Ant Tech
Thehill-coursematerials University Bookstore Course Materials
Thehill-promotions University Bookstore Promotions
Uc-learning-center-educational-opportunities UC Learning Center Educational Opportunities
UCILibrariesUpdate ARL Library Directors and the University Librarians
University-Extension University Extension
UP3CCWorkshop Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy Contentious Cities Workgroup
Uro-GrandRounds-Announce UCI Urology Grandest Rounds Announcements

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