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List Description
Acct-Accounts-Payable Accounts Payable News and Announcements
Acct-Contracts-and-Grants-Accounting Accounting Contracts and Grants Workshop and Event Announcements
Acct-Gen-Accounting-Fiscal-Closing General Accounting and Fiscal Closing Announcements
Adcom-java-developer Java Development Group in Adminstrative Computing Services
Advance-WebMigration University Advancement Web Migration project
Aficanamsteering African American Studies Steering Committee
Africanamaffiliate African American Studies affiliated faculty
Africanamalumni African American Studies - Alumni
Africanamfaculty African American Studies Faculty
Africanamfriends African American Studies - Friends
africanammajors African American Studies Majors
africanamminors African American Studies Minors
AfricanAMStudentExperience African American undergraduate and graduate students.
AGU-conference American Geophysical Union conference info
Anthropology-25a-lecture Anthropology 25a lecture
Anthropology-Alumni Anthropology Department alumni
Anthropology-Colloquium UCI Anthropology Colloquium and Public Events
Anthropology-Faculty Anthropology Faculty
Anthropology-grads Anthropology grads
Anthropology-Majors-Minors Anthropology Department Majors-Minors
AP-Review-Announce To announce changes, bugfixes, and news about the Academic Personnel Review online faculty review application.
APR-EROSystemusers Scanning and Passport Services - Employee Records Online System
Arc-outdoor-adventures Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventures
ArtHistoryAlum Art History alum
Arts-Bok2016 A Body of Knowledge Conference
Arts-Dance-Faculty Arts Dance Faculty
arts-dance-grad Arts Graduate Dancers
Arts-DigiFilm-Minors School of the Arts - Digital Film Minors
arts-drama-ac Arts Graduate Actors
arts-drama-cs Arts Graduate Costume Designers
arts-drama-dr Arts Graduate Directors
arts-drama-faculty Arts Drama Faculty
arts-drama-heads Arts Drama Heads
arts-drama-lt Arts Graduate Lighting Designers
arts-drama-phd Arts Graduate PHDs
arts-drama-sc Arts Graduate Scenic Designers
arts-drama-sd Arts Graduate Sound Designers
arts-drama-sm Arts Graduate Stage Managers
arts-drama-staff Arts Drama Staff
arts-drama-subheads Arts Drama Subheads
arts-drama-theincrew Arts Drama TheInCrew
Arts-friendsofmusic Claire Trevor School of the Arts - Music Department
Arts-HighSchools Local High Schools with Arts departments
ARTS-ICITfaculty Faculty of Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology in the UCI Music Department
ARTS-ICITstudents Graduate Students of Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology in the UCI Music Department
Arts-Music-Grads All current graduate students in the Music Department in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UC Irvine
Arts-Music-UnderGrads Arts Music UnderGrads
arts-prostaff Arts Production Staff
artstor-uci Library ARTstor UCI User Services Group
AsianamAffiliated Asian American Studies affiliated faculty
Asianamalumni UCI Asian American Studies Department - Alumni
Asianamfaculty Asian American Studies Faculty
Asianamfriends UCI Asian American Studies Department - Friends
asianamGradEmphasis Asian American Grad emphasis
Asianamlecturer [no description available]
asianamMA Asian American Studies BA/MA students
asianamMAinfo African American Studies masters students
asianammajors Asian American Studies Majors
asianamminors Asian American Studies Minors
Athletics-IT Athletics IT Issues mailing list
AV-Academic-Sponsors Arroyo Vista Academic Sponsors
AV-dutylog Arroyo Vista Duty Log
AV-Greek-Advisors Arroyo Vista Greek Sponsors
AV-Greek-Presidents Arroyo Vista Housing Greek House Presidents
AV-Greek-RAs Arroyo Vista Housing Greek Resident Assistants
AV-RA Arroyo Visita Resident Assistants
AV-Staff HSG Arroyo Vista Offices
Bio-devcell-colloquium Developmental & Cell Biology Postdoctoral Colloquium series
Bio-DevCell-RafelskiConfocal-users Rafelski Spinning Disk Confocal Users
Bio-Facility-Others Bio Facility Others
Bio-greenhouse School of Biological Sciences Greenhouse
Bio-kmooneylab Biological Sciences Kailen Mooney's lab
Bio-neuro-REMGroup Reorganization of Episodic Memories (REM) PPG Group
bio-rex School of Biological Sciences reagents
Biochem-CoccoLab Cocco lab business
BLI-Admin-Staff BLI Professional Staff
BLI-AllStaff Beckman Laser Institute Faculty and Staff
BLI-Faculty Beckman Laser Institute Faculty
BLI-Fellows Beckman Laser Institute Postdocs, Fellows and Visiting Scientists
BLI-Grad-Students Beckman Laser Institute Graduate Students
BLI-Post-Grads Beckman Laser Institute Post Graduates
BLI-Postdocs Beckman Laser Institute Postdocs, Fellows
BLI-Research-Staff BLI Technical staff and other employees
BLI-Students Beckman Laser Institute Undergraduate and Graduate Students
BLI-Undergrads Beckman Laser Institute Undergrads
BLI-Visting-Scholars Beckman Laser Institute Visting Scholars
BME-Affiliates Biomedical Engineering Affiliates
BME-Cardioscopes The microscopy facility of the Edwards Lifesciences Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Technology at UCI
BME-Faculty Biomedical Engineering Faculty
BME-Friends Biomedical Engineering Friends
BME-Graduates Biomedical Engineering Graduates
BME-Research Biomedical Engineering Research
Budget-recharge Budget Office S&A recharge
CAMP-Students California Alliance for Minority Participation Students
CAMP-UCI California Alliance for Minority Participation
CampusOrgs-updates Announcements and updates from the Student Life & Leadership Office
CancerCenter-CCSG Cancer Center members listed on the CCSG
CancerCenter-seminars Cancer Center seminars
CCRNews Center for Clinical Research News and Announcements
CECS-Alumni Center for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems - Alumni
CECS-CadLab-Alumni Center for Embedded Computer Systems - CADLAB Alumni
CECS-Faculty Center for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems - Faculty
CECS-Grads Center for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems - Graduates
CECS-Newsletter Center for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems - Newsletter
CECS-Staff Center for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems - Staff
CECS-Visitors Center for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems - Visitors
CEE-AllStudents Civil & Environmental Engineering - UG and Graduate students announcements
CEE-CivilGrads [no description available]
CEE-EnvironmentalGrads CEE-Environmental Graduates
CEE-GraduateStudents Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduate Students
CEE-SETH-lab Civil & Environmental Engineering Structures Lab
CEE-UnderGrads [no description available]
cence-announce Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Engineering
cfccc-cc Cancer Center's Cancer Control research program
cfccc-csb Cancer Center's Chemical and Structural Biology research program
cfccc-oib Cancer Center's Onco-Imaging and Biotechnology research program
cfccc-spt Cancer Center's Systems, Pathways and Targets research program
cg-billing Accounting - Contract & Grant Billing
Chem-51LA-TA Chem 51LD TAs
Chem-51LB-TA Chem 51LB TAs
Chem-51LC-TA Chem 51LC TAs
ChemEng-ZenyukGroup Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - Zenyuk Group
Chemistry-GuanLab Guan research lab
ChicanoLatino-EmphasisGrads Chicano Latino Studies Emphasis Graduate Students
chicanxhsi HSI, Chicanx and Latinx discussions on campus
CL-CommCollegelist Comparative Literature Community College List
Classics-JEC UC's Tri-Campus Graduate Program - Joint Executive Committee
Classics-myrmidons Classics Department research and activities
Classics-Tric UC's Tri-Campus Graduate Program Faculty
CLMajors Comparative Literature Department Majors
CLMinors Comparative Literature Department Minors
CLNAIS CL - Native American and Indigenous Studies
COEH-Dosimetry-Conference Dosimetry Conference
CogSci-AIC Cognitive Science - Annual Interdisciplinary Conference
CogSci-AIC-test Cognitive Science - Annual Interdisciplinary Conference - test list
CogSci-cidlab Cognitive Science - Cognition and Individual Differences lab
CogSci-HumanNeuroLab Human Neuroscience Laboratory (Cognitive Sciences Dept)
COHS-DiversityOffice-Students College of Health Sciences - Diversity and Inclusion - Students
Comm-web-template Communications Web Template Announcements
Conslist [no description available]
CRSP-internal Internal RCIC staff support list to deal with issues related CRSP
CRSP-support mailing list for support of the CRSP storage for uci users
CRSP-users List for RCIC staff at UCI to contact CRSP users
CS-Brandeis-IoT Computer Science Brandeis project
CS-Brandeis-UCI UCI Brandeis project members
cs-systems Computer Science - Systems reading group
cs178tas CS178: Machine Learning and Data Mining.
cs261p-questions Questions list for CompSci 261P
CTI-EventList Critical Theory Institute lecture and other event announcements
CV-Gradlistserv Campus Village Graduate Residents
CV-StudentStaff Campus Village Housing Student Staff
DFA-OEOD Division of Finance and Administration - Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
DiversityinMedicine Diversity in Medicine
DiversityinMedicine-Alumni Diversity in Medicine-Alumni
DSC-AudioNotetaker Audio Notetaker software users
DSC-staff Disability Services Center staff
DUE-newfresh2010-other New incoming freshman students - other
DUE-newfresh2010-uci New incoming freshman students
DUE-newtransfer2010-other New transfer students 2010 - other
DUE-newtransfer2010-uci New transfer students 2010
DUE-TLTCReservations Teaching Learning & Tech reservations to attend campuswide workshops & colloquia
EcoEvo-Ed Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Education group
EcoEvo-Evolution-Journal-Club EcoEvo Dept. journal club reading group announcements
EcoEvo-GISworkshop Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Geographic Information Systems Workshop
EcoEvo-Lamb-Lab Lamb Lab
ECOEVO-R2R Ridge to Reef Graduate Training Program
EcoEvogradBookClub Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Book Club
Econ-All Economics Department faculty, emerti faculty, affiliated faculty, lecturers, graduate students, staff, and public
Econ-Alumni Alumni
Econ-Faculty Economics Department faculty
Econ-Grad Economics Department graduate students
Econ-Seminars Economics Department and interested public
Econ-Transportation Economics Department Transportation Grad Seminar
Education-Opportunities Education and Sociology - Creating Opportunities Center
Education-Qualtrics Qualtrics users in the School of Education
education-staff Education Staff
Education-uciwritingproject UCI Writing Project General Mailing List
Education-UnderGrad School of Education undergraduate program announcements
EECS-Faculty Electrical Engineering & Computer Science - Faculty
eecs-grad-students EECS Graduate Students
eecs-incoming-grad EECS Incoming Graduates
EHS-newsletter EH&S Newsletter announcements and news
EHS-training-schedule EH&S classes and training
ELS-events European Languages and Studies events
ELS-FacLecStaff Department listserv for Faculty Lecturers and Staff
ELS-MAinEuropeanThought ELS MA in European Thought and Culture
ELS-Undergraduates Department of European Languages and Studies Undergraduate Students
eng-cardiocore Edwards Lifesciences Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Technology core lab facility
Engineering-Outreach Engineering outreach programs between local high schools and UCI students/staff
English-39B-LANoir 39B LA Noir theme
English-All Department of English - All Faculty, Emeriti, Staff, Lecturers, and Visitors
English-Faculty Department of English - Faculty
English-MFA-Alumni English - MFA Alumni
English-Opportunities Opportunities for English majors
English-PhD Department of English - PhD
English-PhD-Alumni Department of English - PHD Alumni
English-PhD-Jobseekers English PhD Jobseekers
English-PoeticTheory Poetics History and Theory at UCI
English-Staff Department of English - Staff
English-SummerCompStaff Summer Composition Instructors
English-SummerMA Summer MA English Students
English-ZotComp-DirectorsUG Composition program and Undergraduate Student Affairs directors
ENGR-post-grad-jobs Engineering Post-graduate job postings
EnrMgmtDiv-Staff Department staff of the Division of Enrollment Management.
Enrollmentmanagement-alldepts Office of Enrollment Management
Equipment-mgmt-announcements Equipment Management Announcements
es-admissions Enrollment Services Admissions all-staff list
es-allstaff Enrollment Services - All staff
es-campustours Enrollment Services Campus Tours all-staff list
es-cfep Enrollment Services CFEP all-staff list
es-financialaid Enrollment Services Financial Aid all-staff list
es-registrar Enrollment Services Registrar all-staff list
ESS-Cryosphere Earth System Science - Cryosphere
ESS-Ocean-Biogeochem Ocean Biogeochemistry reading group
ESS-peerreview Earth System Science Peer Review
Ethnography-announcements Center for Ethnography
EuropeanStudies-Majors European Studies undergrad majors
Fac-timesheet Facilities timesheet project
FM-Alarm-Test Facilities Management - Fire Alarm Testing Schedule
FM-busoffice Facilities Management Business Office
FM-estimator Facilities Management Estimator Contacts
FM-General-Announcements Facilities Management - General Announcements
FM-Generator-Testing Facilities Management - Notification of Generator and ATS Testing
FM-joc FM JOC projects
FM-jocteam Facilities Management's JOC jobs
FM-lockshop Facilities Management Lockshop
FM-Shopstores Facilities Management Shop Stores
FM-tradescoordination FM's trades coordination team
FM-Utility-Outages Facilities Management - Notification of Utility Outages
FS-all Financial Services Staff
GD-AdvancedCommunication Advanced Communication Graduate Students
GD-Slate-team Graduate Division - Slate users
GermanFriends ELS, German Friends
GermanTAs ELS, German TAs
Gmes-faculty Global Middle East Studies faculty and staff
Grad-Slate-superusers Grad Departments Slate Super Users
grc-StudentParents A list for Student Parents to connect, build community and voice concerns
GSS-CoreFaculty Gender & Sexuality Studies - Core Faculty
GSS-Friends Gender & Sexuality Studies - Friends and Alumni
GSS-FriendsandAllies Gender & Sexuality Studies - Friends and Allies of Gender & Sexuality Studies
GSS-Lecturers Gender & Sexuality Studies - Lecturers
GSS-QSMinors Gender & Sexuality Studies - Queer Studies Minors
GSS-Students Gender & Sexuality Studies - Majors and Minors
Health-Announcements Health Announcements
HistoryCommunity History Community
HistoryUndergrads History majors
Housing-FriendsofVerano A listserve for staff and faculty members who work with Verano Place Housing office to keep stakeholders informed.
Housing-gfh-families Housing - Graduate and Family Housing Residents
Housing-GFH-Prgrams Graduate and Family Housing Programs
Housing-StudentStaff Housing Student Staff
Hpc-support-internal Internal HPC support issues.
HR-99 Human Resources Labor Relations - non represented employees
HR-AllStaff Human Resources All Staff
HR-Benefits Human Resources Benefits
HR-BX HR - Labor Relations Updates for BX employees
HR-ClientSpecializedServices HR Client Specialized Services
HR-CX HR - Labor Relations Updates for CX employees
HR-DX HR - Labor Relations Updates for DX employees
HR-EX HR - Labor Relations Updates for EX employees
HR-HealthNet-Members Human Resources - Health Net Members
HR-HRBP-SME Human Resources Business Partners
HR-HX HR - Labor Relations Updates for HX employees
HR-IX HR - Labor Relations Updates for IX employees
HR-K9 HR - Labor Relations Updates for K9 employees
HR-LX HR - Labor Relations Updates for LX employees
HR-M9 HR - Labor Relations Updates for M9 employees
HR-NX HR - Labor Relations Updates for NX employees
HR-PA HR - Labor Relations Updates for PA employees
HR-PX HR - Labor Relations Updates for PX employees
HR-RX HR - Labor Relations Updates for RX employees
HR-Staff Human Resources Staff
HR-SX HR - Labor Relations Updates for SX employees
HR-TX HR - Labor Relations Updates for TX employees
HSLIB UCI Libraries Health Sciences News and Announcements
Hssoe-tecplot Engineering Tecplot Software users
HUM-adhoc-languages School of Humanities ad hoc committee on language instruction for 2016
HUM-CD School of Humanities Chairs and Directors group
Hum-commons-advisory Humanities Commons Advisory board
Hum-Commons-Events Humanities Commons public and academic events
HUM-CTEgrads Critical Theory Emphasis Graduate Students
HUM-DeansOffice School of Humanities Dean's office group
hum-dh UCI Digital Humanities Working Group
HUM-Emeritus School of Humanities retired faculty
hum-icwt International Center for Writing and Translation in the School of Humanities
HUM-Poetry Humanities Poetry Announcments
HumZone Humanities Zone Crew
IC-Departments [no description available]
IC-ScholarsandFaculty International Center Scholars and Faculty
IC-Students International Center Students
ICS-46-Prof-TAs ICS 46 Prof and TAs Communication and Discussion
ICS-CARLsim CARLsim Release Infos, Announcements, and News
ICS-cloudberry ICS - Cloudberry research project
Ics-ifh members or affiliates of the Institute for Future Health.
ICS-Orgs ICS Affiliated Organizations
ICSalumnichapter ICS Alumni chapter
ICSCorporateAffiliate Bren School of ICS Corporate Affiliates
ICSFriends Bren School of ICS Friends
ICTS-awardees Institute for Clinical and Translational Science Awardees
ICTS-BERD ICTS Bio-statitstics Group
ICTS-Chairs Institute for Clinical and Translational Science - Chairs
icts-leadership Mailing list for icts committee, leadership
icts-member Mailing for ICTS member
ICTS-mentors UCI Institute for Clinical and Translational Science mentors
ICTS-OA-HOTT Opiate and Drug Abuse Health Oriented Translational Teams
ICTS-Padrinos ICTS Padrinos group
ICTS-PI Institute for Clinical & Translational Science
ICTS-Scholars ICTS Scholars
ICTS-UCIHealtyCampus ICTS - NIH Healthy Campus 2020 framework
Informatics-DesignTheory Design Theory Reading Group
Informatics-TransformativePlayLab Informatics - Transformative Play Lab
Informatics-WellConnect WellConnect is a project to develop a mobile app to support young adults who are suffering from major depression.
istc-all-faculty Intel Science and Technology Center - All Faculty
istc-all-students Intel Science and Technology Center - All Students
ISTC-Alumni Intel Science and Technology Center - Alumni
istc-local-faculty Intel Science and Technology Center - Local Faculty
istc-local-students Intel Science and Technology Center - Local Students
ITS-Faculty Institute of Transportation Studies - Faculty
ITS-Grad-Students Institute of Transportation Studies - Grad Students
ITS-Seminars Institute of Transportation Studies - Seminars
ITS-Transci-Students ITS - Transportation Science Grad Students
KFS-Functional-Testing Functional staff involved in the integration cycle testing of KFS
kfs-oit-support KFS Support list
LangSci-Announce Language Science Department Announcements
langsci-majors Language Science - Majors
LARC-Bio93-Students LARC Bio93 Students
LARC-Bio93-Tutorial LARC Bio93 Tutorial
LARC-Bio94-Students LARC Bio94 Students
LARC-Bio94-Tutorial LARC Bio94 Tutorial
LARC-Bio97-Students LARC Bio97 Students
LARC-Bio97-Tutorial LARC Bio97 Tutorial
LARC-Bio98-Students LARC Bio98 Students
LARC-Bio98-Tutorial LARC Bio98 Tutorial
LARC-Bio99-Students LARC Bio99 Students
LARC-Bio99-Tutorial LARC Bio99 Tutorial
LARC-BioD103-Students LARC BioD103 Students
LARC-BioE109-Students LARC BioE109 Students
LARC-BioM122-Students LARC BioM122 Students
LARC-BioN110-Students LARC BioN110 Students
LARC-Boost-Chem1B-FG LARC-Boost-Chem1B FG
LARC-Boost-Chem1B-Students LARC Boost Chem1B Students
LARC-Boost-Humcore1B-FG LARC Boost HumCore1B FG
LARC-Boost-HumCore1B-Students LARC Boost HumCore1B Students
Larc-boost-math1b-student LARC Boost Math1B Students
LARC-Boost-Math1B-Students LARC Boost Math1B Students
LARC-Boost-Math2A-FG LARC Boost Math2A FG
LARC-Boost-Math2A-Students LARC Boost Math2A Students
LARC-Chem1A-Students LARC Chem1A Students
LARC-Chem1B-Students LARC Chem1B Students
LARC-chem1B-Tutorial LARC chem1B Tutorial
LARC-Chem1C-Students LARC Chem1C Students
LARC-Chem1C-Tutorial LARC Chem1C Tutorial
LARC-Chem51A-Students LARC Chem51A Students
LARC-Chem51B-Students LARC Chem51B Students
LARC-Chem51B-Tutorial LARC Chem51B Tutorial
LARC-Chem51C-Students LARC Chem51C Students
LARC-Chem51C-Tutorial LARC Chem51C Tutorial
LARC-CrmLawC7-students LARC Crm/Law C7 Lecture A
LARC-Engr1A-Students LARC Engr1A Students
LARC-engrmae10-students LARC ENG MAE 10 Students
LARC-ICS31-Students LARC ICS31 Students
LARC-ICS32-Students LARC ICS32 Students
LARC-ICS33-Students LARC ICS33 Students
LARC-ICS46-Students LARC ICS46 Students
LARC-Math1b-students LARC Math 1B Students
LARC-Math2A-Students LARC Math2A Students
LARC-Math2A-Tutorial LARC Math2A Tutorial
LARC-Math2B-SS2-Tutorial LARC Math2B SS2 Tutorial
LARC-Math2B-Students LARC Math2B Students
LARC-Math2B-Tutorial LARC Math2B Tutorial
LARC-Math2D-Students LARC Math2D Students
LARC-Physics3A-Students LARC Physics3A Students
LARC-Physics3A-Tutorial LARC Physics3a Tutorial
LARC-Physics3B-Students LARC Physics3B Students
LARC-Physics3B-Tutorial LARC Physics3B Tutorial
LARC-Physics3C-Students LARC Physics3C Students
LARC-Physics7C-Students LARC Physics7C Students
LARC-Physics7D-Students LARC Physics7D Students
LARC-Physics7E-Students LARC Physics7E Students
LARC-PolSci21A-Students LARC PolSci21A Students
LARC-PSB11aPsych9a-Students LARC PSB11aPsych9a Students
larc-psb11bpsych9b-students LARC PSB 11B Psych 9B Students
Larc-psb11cpsych9c-students For students enrolled in PSB11C Psych9C
LARC-SocSci10a-Students LARC Soc Sci 10A Students
LARC-SocSci10B-Students LARC SocSci10B Students
LARC-SocSci10C-Students LARC SocSci10C Students
LARC-Stats7-Students LARC Stats7 Students
LAstudies-faculty Latin American Studies Faculty
LAstudies-grad Latin American studies Graduate students
LAstudies-undergrad Latin American studies UnderGrads
lauc2008 Library LAUC 2008 Spring Assembly
law-admit2012 Law School Planning Committee for 2012 Admitted Students Weekend
Law-CLEANR The Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources (CLEANR)
law-foodequity The FOOD EQUITY list is a Listserv whose primary function is to provide information about the Food Equity symposium to be held at UCI, Mar 2016.
Law-legislation Legislation
Law-SocMvmt-Colloquium UCI Law School's Law and Social Movements Colloquium
libaccserv Library Access Service Department
Libacleads Library Leaders of the Acquisition and Catalog department
libacq Library Acquisitions Dept
libahspod Library Arts and Humanities Pod
liball Library All Staff
libartsmc Library Arts Media Center Project
libas Library Administrative Services Division
libask-l Library Ask a Librarian providers
Libaskstudents Library Ask Us Desk Students
libasl Library All Science Employees
libasldad Library Science Document Access and Delivery
libasldrs Library Science Loan Desk-Reserves-Stacks
Libaslfloorwarden Library Ayala Science Library Floor Warden
libasllib Library Science Librarians
libast Library Administrative Services Team
libbibgp Library Bibliographers Group
libbibref Library Bibliographers/Reference Staff
libbus Library Business Office
libcat Library Catalog Dept
libchat Library Staff Informal Discussion List
libchptheses Library chptheses dspace system
libcircstats Library Circulation Statistics Group
LibCLIR-DLF Library Council on Library and Information Resources Task Force
libcolldevdept Library Collection Strategies Dept
libcpc Library Cataloging Policy Cttee
Libdata LAUC-I Data Literacy Conference
libdatateam Library Data Team
Libdda Library Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA)
Libdhig Library Digital Humanities Interest Group
Libdptf Library Diversity Planning Task Force
Libdss Library Digital Scholarship Services
Libdssc Library Digital Scholarship Strategic Council
Libediblebooks Library Edible Books Festival
libemspod Library Engineering, Medicine and Sciences Pod
libeod Library Education and Outreach Dept
liberac Library Electronic Acquisitions and Cataloging Team
liberbreech Library E-Resources License Breech Team
Liberds E-Research & Digital Scholarship Services Unit
Liberdseag Library E-Research Advisory Group
liberfp Library Electronic Resources Fiscal Processing Group
LibETD Library ETD Coordinating Team
Libexcellinacadlib Excellence in Academic Libraries Task Force
libexhibits Library Exhibits Program Team
libexternalrelations Libraries External Relations Group
libfacilities Library Facilities Dept
libfloorwardens Library Floor Wardens
libgml Library Grunigen Medical Library
libgmlref Library GML Reference Librarians
Libgosc UCI Libraries Grant Opportunities Strategic Council
Libhealthy Healthy Workplace Working Group
libhrdept Library Human Resources Dept
libhsed Library Health Sciences Education Team
Libhsedt Library Health Sciences Education
libilldds Library Interlibrary Loan-Document Delivery Service
libimtf Library Instant Messaging Task Force
libITCgroup Library GML ITC Staff
libitdept Library Information Technology Dept
libitems Libitems
Libkfspdplogs Library - logs from KFS Feeder system
liblauci Librarians' Association of the University of California - I
Libleadcouncil Library Leadership Council
libll Library All Langson Employees
liblldad Library Langson Document Access and Delivery
liblldrs Library Langson Loan Desk-Reserves-Stacks
Libllfloorwarden Library Langson Library Floor Warden
liblllib Library Langson Librarians
liblsig Library School Interest Group
Libltf Library Libguides Task Force
Libmanagement Library Management Forum
Libmarketing Library Marketing Team
Libmega Library Mega Group
libmfsteering Library Management Forum Steering Committee
libmrcall Library MRC Students and Staff
libmrcstaff Library MRC Staff
Libnew-faculty UC faculty and the Library
libnewu Library New University Newspaper Digitizing Project
libns Library All Librarians
Libnslaw Law Librarians
liborgres Library Org Resources Workgroup
Libosc Library Organizational Structure Committee
libps Library Public Services Division
libpsleads Library Public Services Leads
libpslibs Library Public Services Librarians
Libqp-scripts Library Question Point Transcript
librefdept Library Reference Department
Librefla Library Reference Library Assistants
Librr Library Research Resources Division
libsca Library Special Collections and Archives Department
Libseaa-amb Library Southeast Asian Archive Ambassadors
Libsptf Library Strategic Planning Task Force
libsspod Library Social Sciences Pod
libstaff Library All Staff Employees (Non-Librarians)
libsystematicreviews Libraries patron systematic reviews
libtebi Library Technology, Equipment and Building Improvement Team
libtodac Library TODAC
libucedbibs UC Librarians Education Common Knowledge Group
libucispace Library UCIspace
libval Value of the Libraries Task Force
libwac Library Web Advisory Committee
linguistics Language science-related news and events
Linguistics-Minors Linguistics Minors
lsci-bilingualism-mind-brainlab Current and past members of Bilingualism, Mind and Brain lab
lsci-comp-lang-reading Announcements for the Computation of Language reading group
LSci-QuantLang Announcements of the Quantitative Language Collective
MAE-CoSysLab Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Cooperative Systems Lab
MC-Council Mesa Court Council
MC-RAs Mesa Court Resident Advisors and Professional Staff
MCParents Parents/Guardians who signed up to receive updates on events and happenings in Mesa Court Housing
mcsummerstaff Mesa Court Summer Staff
me-attendant Middle Earth Housing staff responsible for the daily operatations of each facility and provide service to students and g
me-ca Middle Earth Summer Conference Assistants (CAs)
ME-CampusConnections Middle Earth's Campus Connections Program
ME-CBP Middle Earth-Community Programming staff
me-ccexec Middle Earth - Community Council Executive Board
ME-ccexecs ME Community Council execs
Me-Coastline Middle Earth Coastline
ME-Cove Middle Earth Cove
ME-CP ME Community Programmers
ME-Dutylog Middle Earth Duty Log
ME-Friends Middle Earth info to campus partners
ME-Grasslands Middle Earth Grasslands
ME-Hillside Middle Earth Hillside
me-lttower3 Middle Earth Housing Hall Listserv 3rd Floor
me-lttower4 Middle Earth Housing Hall Listserv 4th Floor
me-lttower5 Middle Earth Housing Hall Listserv 5th Floor
me-lttower6 Middle Earth Housing Hall Listserv 6th Floor
me-lttower7 Middle Earth Housing Hall Listserv 7th Floor
me-northcape Middle Earth - Northcape
ME-Parents Middle Earth Parents
ME-Publicity Middle Earth Publicity
ME-RA Middle Earth - Resident Advisors
ME-studentstaff Middle Earth student staff
me-summerstaff [no description available]
ME-Woodlands Middle Earth Woodlands
Merage-Finance-Announcements Announcements for the Finance Area at the UCI Merage School of Business
Merage-ODT-Seminars Merage Operations and Decision Technologies Seminars
ms-cohort-a2011 Multiple Subject Cohort A 2011
ms-cohort-a2012 Multiple Subject Cohort A 2012
ms-cohort-b2011 Multiple Subject Cohort B 2011
ms-cohort-b2012 Multiple Subject Cohort B 2012
MSEadmin MSE administrative staff
MSEall All MSE faculty, staff and academic appointments
MSEalumni MSE undergraduate and gradaute alumni
MSEfaculty-all All MSE faculty including joint appointments
MSEfaculty-core MSE Core Faculty communication
MSEpostdoc MSE Postdoc Staff
NCS-Genomics National Children's Study - Genomics
newsbib UC Newspaper Bibliographers
OAI-TFSustainabilityEd OAI - Task Force on Sustainability Education
OIR-CRS Office of Institutional Research - Course Reporting System
oit-adc-notify Status of the Academic Data Canter and Help Desk staffing
OIT-Advance-alerts OIT - Advancement's Oracle database and Advance application server
OIT-AWTS-Staff OIT AWT Support team
OIT-businessoffice OIT Business Office staff
OIT-CLS-Leadership OIT Client Services leadership
OIT-colo OIT Co-location Partners
OIT-CompassETL Compass ETL users
oit-confluence-announce OIT Confluence Announcements
OIT-CSD OIT's Client Services Division
oit-ct-ops OIT Classroom Technology Operations
OIT-DC-alarms OIT DC infrastructure alarms
OIT-Desktop-Contacts OIT Department Contacts for OIT Desktop Supported Clients
OIT-desktop-mac-clients OIT Desktop Support - Mac clients
OIT-ECSI-Integration OIT ECSI integration implementation team
OIT-edocsteam [no description available]
OIT-EnrollmentSystems Staff in the OIT Enrollment Systems unit within Enterprise Applications
OIT-EnrollmentSystems-Managers Managers within the OIT Enrollment Systems unit
OIT-ESB OIT - Enterprise Service Bus technology
OIT-EUS OIT Enterprise Unix Services
OIT-Exchange OIT Exchange Services
OIT-Exchange-MIG OIT Exchange Email/Calendar migrations
OIT-Exchange-Service OIT On-Premise Exchange Communication
OIT-ExchangeO365 OIT Exchange and Office 365
OIT-fm-sdg OIT-Facility Management Software Development Group
OIT-GitHub-Users OIT GitHub Enterprise Users
OIT-HAIS-Team OIT and HAIS IT support improvement team
OIT-HPC-Cluster High Performance Computing Cluster ( )
OIT-Networker-Announce OIT Networker Announce
OIT-O365-Service OIT Office 365 Users of Service alerts and status updates
OIT-PMO OIT Project Management Office
OIT-ProjectManagementCommunity Mail list for the OIT Project Management Community Team
OIT-SAIT-COWS Student Affairs IT - Campus Org Web Services
OIT-SAIT-SADEV OIT Student Affairs IT - SADEV Developer Support
OIT-SAIT-SASupport OIT Student Affairs IT - SA Support AG
OIT-SAIT-SCESDEV OIT Student Affairs IT - SCES Developer Support
OIT-SAIT-SLLDEV OIT Student Affairs IT - SLL Developer Support
OIT-SAIT-WHCSDEV OIT Student Affairs IT - WHCS Developer Support
OIT-SAS-ALL OIT Student Academic Services employees
OIT-SAS-Leadership OIT Student Academic Services managers and directors
OIT-SAS-Manage Student Academic Services managers and directors
OIT-SAS-REPORTS OIT SAS divisional projects in ServiceNow maintainers
OIT-SE101Advisors OIT SE 101 Advisors
OIT-security-coord OIT Security Coordination Team
OIT-SecurityCenter Tenable SecurityCenter Membership List
OIT-service-status OIT service status
OIT-SISUnit SIS Unit staff within OIT
OIT-SISUnitManagers OIT SIS Unit Manager list
OIT-STATS OIT Statistical Reporting
OIT-Storage-Support OIT Storage Support
OIT-Streaming-media OIT Streaming Media Announcements
OIT-Student-Staff List to communicate with OIT student workers.
OIT-TLSD-request OIT Top Level Subdomain Requests
oit-ucpath-dwh OIT staff on the Data Warehouse team working on UCPath
oit-ucpath-police OIT staff UCPath and Police Department systems notifications
OIT-virt-announce OIT virtual server service announcements and news
OIT-virt-tech OIT virtual server service development and support
OIT-Wellness UCI Wellness offerings for OIT staff
Ophthalmology-PalczewskiLab Ophthalmology Palczewski Lab
OR-All Office of Research All Lists
OR-COI Office of Research Conflict of Interest
OR-ERA Office of Research Electronic Research Administration
OR-ExportControls Office of Research Export Controls
OR-hSCRO Office of Research Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee
OR-IACUC OR Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee
OR-IRB-HRP Office of Research Human Research Protections/Institutional Review Board
OR-RDRC Radioactive Drug Research Committee
OR-RMS-USERS Research Management System (RMS) for animal protocol submissions
OR-Supervisors Office of Research - Supervisors
OR-Training-and-Events Office of Research Training and Events
PAL-AllProcessors High Val Requisitioners & Low Val Buyers
PAL-HiValRequisitioner Discontinued List - See "KFS-DeptContractMgr"
PAL-LowValBuyer Discontinued List - See 'KFS-DeptContractMgr
PB-ROCawards PB - Recognition of Outstanding Contribution (ROC) Award program
Pediatrics-academic UCI General Academic Pediatrics
Pediatrics-project-reach Pediatrics Project Reach
PH-Lecturers Unit-18 lecturers and temporary instructors employed the the Program in Public Health.
PH-Masters-Alumni Public Health MPH Alumni from UC Irvine
PH-PHD-Alumni Public Health Ph.D alumni from UC Irvine
PH-Preceptors Public Health Preceptors
PH-Research-Staff Postdoctoral researchers, project scientists, and faculty in non-senate researcher appointment series.
PH-UG-Alumni Public Health Bachelors Degree alumni from UC Irvine
PharmaceuticalScience Pharmaceutical Science
Philosophy-Hypatia Philosophy Hypatia
Physics-JDSY-lab Research group of Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi
Physics-SiryapornLab Siryaporn Lab
Physics-Women Department of Physics & Astronomy Women at UCI
Physiology-lawbrocklab Lawson and Kessenbrock Lab
PhysiologyBiophysics-Department Physiology Biophysics Announcements
PhysiologyBiophysics-Faculty Physiology Biophysics Faculty
PhysiologyBiophysics-GraduateStudents Physiology Biophysics Graduate Students
PhysiologyBiophysics-PostDocs Physiology Biophysics PostDocs
PhysiologyBiophysics-Seminar Physiology Biophysics Seminars
Pop-Health-EOH-Faculty Population Health Environmental & Occupational Faculty
Pop-Health-EOH-Staff Population Health Environmental & Occupational Staff
Pop-Health-EOH-Students Population Health Environmental & Occupational Students
Pop-Health-EPI-Faculty Population Health Epidemiology Faculty
Pop-Health-EPI-Staff Population Health Epidemiology Staff
Pop-Health-EPI-Students Population Health Epidemiology Students
Pop-Health-Faculty Population Health Faculty
Pop-Health-Staff Population Health Staff
Pop-Health-Students Population Health Students
Population-Health Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention
PPH-Faculty Program in Public Health Affiliated and Adjunct Faculty
PSB-Jobs Psychology and Social Behavior - Jobs
PublicHealth-Grads UCI Graduate Public Health Association
RCIC-Advisory-Committee Mailing list for the use of the RCIC Advisory Committee
RCIC-discuss RCIC staff, management and UCI community users discussions
RCIC-internal Research Cyberinfrastructure Center - Internal
REG-SISshare REG SISshare announcements
Religiousstudies-faculty UCI Religious Studies Affiliated Faculty
Research-ITSecurity Office of Research - IT Security Committee
RiskMgmt-Contracts-Agreements Purchasing and Risk Services - Business Contracts and Agreements
SA-50thcomm 50th anniversary commencement work group
SA-All-Grad-GSHIP Student Affairs All Grad GSHIP
SA-CC Student Affairs Technology staff
SA-ELP Student Affairs Executive Leadership Program
sa-it-internal Student Affairs IT General Internal
sa-it-serverroom-colo Student Affairs IT SeverRoom Colo
SA-MAG Student Affairs Managers and Points of Contact
SA-SAAS Student Affairs Auxiliary Services
Sandp-khroma Humanities / Spanish and Portuguese Khroma
scamp Library Scholarly Communication and Management Program
SE-CLSMas2 Social Ecology - CLS - 2nd year MAS Program
SE-PSGradJobs Social Ecology - Psychological Science career opportunities
SE-PsychLaw Social Ecology Center for Psychology and Law
SE-UP3-Faculty UP3-Faculty
Senate-FacultyWelfare Academic Senate - Council on Faculty Welfare
SIS-AdvisoryCommittee SIS Advisory Committee
SIS-BusinessOwners SIS Business Owners
Sis-client-integration-news newsletter for SIS Integration Clients
Sis-developers Developers working in the OIT Student Information Systems Unit
SIS-INTEGRATION-IDM integrations and identity management in the SIS project
SIS-ODS SIS clients that access the ODS
SIS-PrivilegedCommunication Communications to core project staff involved with SIS
SIS-SteeringCommittee SIS Executive Steering Committee
SIS-Terminal-Server SIS Terminal Server
SLL-Fresh-Staff Student Life and Leadership -Fresh Staff
Smartclassrooms General setup and operation of the smartclassrooms
SOAR-alumni Student Outreach and Retention - Alumni
SOAR-dreamers SOAR - Dreamers
SOAR-FoodPantry SOAR Food Pantry
Sociology-FamilyGender Sociology Research Family and Gender Research Cluster
Sociology-Statistics Sociology - Statistics Reading Group
socsci-alumni1960s Social Science Alumni who graduated in the 1960s
socsci-alumni1970s Social Science Alumni who graduated in the 1970s
socsci-alumni1980s Social Science Alumni who graduated in the 1980s
socsci-alumni1990s Social Science Alumni who graduated in the 1990s
socsci-alumni2000s Social Science Alumni who graduated in the 2000s
socsci-alumni2010s Social Science Alumni who graduated in the 2010s
SOE-Adjct-Faculty-All SOE Adjunct Faculty - All
SOE-ALL Henry Samueli School of Engineering - Staff + Faculty
SOE-Emeritus-Faculty-All SOE Emeritus Faculty All
SOE-Faculty Henry Samueli School of Engineering - Faculty
SOE-Faculty-Eng-NothomeDept SOE Faculty Eng NothomeDept
SOE-Lecturers-All SOE Lecturers All
SOE-NonSenate-All SOE NonSenate All
SOE-RecallFaculty-All SOE Recall Faculty All
SOE-SEN-BME SOE Senate Biomedical Engineering
SOE-SEN-CBE SOE Senate Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
SOE-SEN-CEE SOE Senate Civil and Environmental Engineering
SOE-SEN-EECS SOE Senate Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
SOE-SEN-MAE SOE Senate Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
SOE-SEN-MSE SOE Senate Materials Science and Engineering
SOE-Staff Henry Samueli School of Engineering - Staff
SOE-Student-Workers SOE Student Workers
SOE-Visiting-Faculty-All SOE Visiting Faculty All
SOM-AddictionMedicine SOM Addiction Medicine Interest Group
SOM-EMIG School of Medicine - Emergency Medicine Interest Group
SOM-EnvironToxSeminar Environmental Health Sciences Seminar
SOM-eQuality eQuality group at UCI SOM
SOM-FinancialUsers SOM - Financial Administration
SOM-Innovators iMEdEd curriculum
SOM-ipadworkgroup SOM ipad and mobile curricula workgroup
SOM-REST Research Education Support and Training
SOTA-OC-HS-Drama SOTA Drama departments in High Schools around OC
SOTA-OC-HS-Music SOTA Music departments in High Schools around OC
sps-edocs-scan Scanning and Passport Services edocs scan
SS-associateprof Social Science Associate Professors
SS-KnowHowSessions DECADE Know-How Sessions
SSS-Students Student Support Services
StudyAbroad-GSA Study Abroad Generation Study Abroad Ambassadors
SummerSession-staff Summer Session Staff
Test [no description available]
TheHill-AntTech The Hill Ant Tech
Thehill-coursematerials University Bookstore Course Materials
Thehill-promotions University Bookstore Promotions
UC-HOSC UC Heads of Special Collections
Uc-learning-center-educational-opportunities UC Learning Center Educational Opportunities
UCHRI-SECTbeirut UCHRI Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory
UCIGermanMLAInviteLst ELS, UCI German Dept. MLA Invitation List
UCILibrariesUpdate ARL Library Directors and the University Librarians
UCsel UC Science and Engineering Librarians
Unex-testlist University Extension - Test List
University-Extension University Extension
UP3CCWorkshop Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy Contentious Cities Workgroup
Urban-Studies Mail list for urban studies students
WHCS-Protocall Distribution list to receive notifications from Protocall

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