[HistoryUndergrads] George Mason University: Online Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities

Michelle Spivey spiveym at uci.edu
Fri Mar 12 11:18:45 PST 2021

The Department of History and Art History at George Mason University, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, has created a fully online Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities<https://historyarthistory.gmu.edu/programs/LA-CERG-DPH>.  The program trains students in the digital skills and tools that are increasingly essential to careers in education, public history, libraries, publishing and many kinds of government and non-profit work.   This 15-credit program consists of three online courses followed by a remote internship with a unit of the Smithsonian Institution.  Because it is both online and part-time, students can pursue it while working or attending another graduate program.  The certificate can also be combined with our own History M.A. program<http://historyarthistory.gmu.edu/programs/la-ma-hist>.

For more information:  https://historyarthistory.gmu.edu/programs/LA-CERG-DPH

For a short video about the program, click here<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mq7XdL4l7w>.


Michelle Spivey

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Department of History

Phone: (949) 824-8248

Email: spiveym at uci.edu<mailto:spiveym at uci.edu>

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