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Taking courses in Summer is a great way to fulfill your major requirements! Financial Aid for Summer<https://summer.uci.edu/services/registration/financial-aid/> is now open and with Summer Session’s Pay For Only 8 program<https://summer.uci.edu/services/pay8/>, you can take as many units as you want, while only paying for 8 units worth of courses.

We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the courses available to you this Summer. If anything catches your eye, you can learn more about Summer Session and register for classes at https://summer.uci.edu/

HIST 70D: Latin American Rebellions (Course Code 26660)
Summer Session 2, Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-3:50pm* (may opt for asynchronous), Virtual & Remote
Dr. Shoshanna Lande

Satisfy one of your HIST 70 requirements!

Check out this course “trailer” by Dr. Lande: https://youtu.be/_j9mx_LK-RY
The concept of resistance has been highly debated by scholars across disciplines. Does resistance need to be confrontational? Is resistance always a political act? Is resistance always done on purpose, or can individuals engage in resistance unintentionally? Since the first encounters between Europeans and Americans, rebellion has been a useful tool of the colonized. Tactics and meanings have changed across time and space. In some situations, rebellion has become part of the culture of a specific group (whether that group is united by nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, sex, class, age, etc.). Throughout this course, we will examine various types of rebellion and resistance, including the Tupac Amaru II rebellion in the Andes, Marxist revolution in Cuba, and the Zapatista movement in Mexico. (No book purchases required!)

HIST 12: Mao to Now (Course Code 26520)
Summer Session 2, Asynchronous, Virtual & Remote
Brian Spivey

            Satisfy one of your lower-division History Requirements!

This introductory course is an overview of China’s turbulent and complex twentieth century through the life and thought of one its most pivotal figures: Mao Zedong (1893-1976), the leading revolutionary of the Chinese Communist Party and founder of the People’s Republic of China. Mao’s life and thought (“Maoism”) continue to resonate in China and throughout the world today. By taking this course, you will develop a more nuanced and detailed picture of Mao’s life, thought, and actions—as well as how they were assessed at the time and later on. Though you will learn about Mao as a towering revolutionary figure, you will also learn how he too was constrained by the broader social, cultural, and intellectual landscape of twentieth century China. Importantly, you will also develop an understanding of the major political chronology of twentieth-century China: the fall of the Qing dynasty, the rise and demise of the Republic of China, and the establishment of the revolutionary People’s Republic of China. We will conclude by exploring the legacies of Mao and “Maoism” after his death in 1976 up through to today.

HIST 70A: War & Revolution in Modern East Asia (Course Code 26650)
Summer Session 1, Mondays & Wednesdays, 1-3:50pm, Virtual & Remote
Dr. Kyle David

Satisfy one of your HIST 70 requirements!

This course examines China, Korea, and Japan from 1800 to the present, with an emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This span of time witnessed East Asia’s appropriation and development of capital industrialization and the formation of distinct nation-states. The course emphasizes how ordinary human begins experienced and contributed to these historical epochs.

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