[HistoryUndergrads] Welcome Back! + Upcoming Events

Michelle Spivey spiveym at uci.edu
Fri Sep 24 10:05:40 PDT 2021

Dear All,

Welcome back to UCI! I hope your first day of class went well (if you had a Thursday class). It is nice to finally to be able to meet in person. It might be a little hectic during the first few weeks for everyone to get used to campus life and in-person classes and activities again. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or need help!

Meet New Faculty

Felix Jean-Louis III
Specialty: Caribbean, African American, and African diaspora studies, Haitian history

Diu-Huong Nguyen
Specialty: Viet Nam, Southeast Asia, social history, oral history
F21 Courses: HIST 175G  SE ASIA BEFORE 1750 (TuTh 12:30- 1:50p), HIST 190  VTNM WAR ORAL HIST (W 12:00- 2:50p)

Read about the new faculty members joining the School of Humanities here: https://www.humanities.uci.edu/SOH/calendar/story_details.php?recid=2682.

Upcoming Events

History Club - Meet and Greet
Thursday, September 30, 3-4 PM (PDT)
KH 200 (inside History department office) - Please note the location has changed since it was announced in the new student welcome event.

Join us for our first History Club meeting of the year! You will get to meet other History majors and brainstorm ideas for future History Club activities. Light refreshments will be provided. Please wear mask/face coverings and show your ZotPass.
Yellow Jazz Black Music: A Conversation with Dr Marketus Presswood (UCI History PhD alum)
by Illuminations: The Chancellor's Arts & Culture Initiative
Tuesday, October 12, 2-3 PM (PDT)
RSVP: https://campusgroups.uci.edu/Illuminations/rsvp_boot?id=1287738

Meaning of Life Lunch, Fridays at noon
starting on Friday, 9/24, 12-1pm (PDT)
Hosted by Brianne Donaldson (UCI Religious Studies & Philosophy) and Jon Gill (Gustavus Adolphus College Philosophy). See attached poster for details.
Zoom Link: https://uci.zoom.us/j/93901137869

Don't forget the add/drop deadline for F21 is the Friday of Week 2 (October 8). If you want to do a HIST 199 Independent Study with History faculty, please make sure you submit the proposal to me soon.

Have a good weekend!


Michelle Spivey

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Department of History

Phone: (949) 824-8248

Email: spiveym at uci.edu<mailto:spiveym at uci.edu>


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