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Reading in the news about WiKi Leaks prompts me to convey my intention and findings to advance rule of law has and does not involve breaking it.

This advocacy for law protect unsuspecting/vulnerable in civil society began in 2007. To verify my probity, please visit https://competitionunlimited.wordpress.com/disclaimer/ and hope for the much needed due diligence.


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> Hello,
> The following describes a method to cause surreptitious harm (a bystander is unaware of victimization) by re-purposing technology and the threat it poses to electoral candidates and affects the general population. I request your comments on the need for legal barriers to prevent such a method of limiting free speech and other criminal violations. I also request for your understanding of this long message as I strive to present pertinent information.
> 1.  Re-purposed technology scenario:
>     As a communication systems professional (embedded software engineer), I have had the opportunity to evaluate what forms of wireless technology pose a threat to civil society. I have worked in close proximity to benign RF emitters (Wi-Fi) for more than year with no coincident health impact. However, working in close proximity to potent RF (outdoor high power Line of Sight transmitters which enable point-to-point communication) has revealed abrupt changes in health affecting sensory (pin-prick, muscle pain), deficit in cognition (unusual forgetfulness) and dexterity (reduced hand-eye coordination) within few moments of exposure to such energy. I have found an over-the-counter supplement like Alpha Lipoic Acid provides effective restoration of cognitive/intellectual faculties.
>     The threat to civil society arises from re-purposing common sources emitting potent electromagnetic (EM) energy (microwave oven's Magnetron, outdoor high power Line of Sight transmitters and X-ray tube) to cause intentional harm to a fellow being - cued/contextual fear conditioning. Such negative innovation in technology applied to intimidate/coerce a conscientious person in government or elsewhere has the potential for extralegal usurpation of resources, opportunities and consequently limits competition. The scope of violations permeated by misuse of potent EM energy include physical trespass, assault, antitrust, RICO among others.
> 2.  Need for regulatory/enforcement jurisdiction over negative use of powerful energy:
> -   FCC, the Office of Engineering and Technology has been candid in clarifying that negative use of outdoor wireless transmitters is outside its jurisdiction. Components opportune for negative use:
>     -   Outdoor high gain/power Line of Sight transmitters. From the emitter, the distance up to which RF energy causes harm is characterized by Spectral Power Density[1].
>     -   Quadrature phase antenna are compact and provide the ability to move a unidirectional RF beam without needing moving parts.
> -   FDA, the response to my query in this context indicates its focus is on defects of drugs/products. Products/technology opportune for negative use:
>     -   Magnetron, sourced from a microwave oven and shaping/guiding the energy it emits with a cone/pyramid shaped antenna (of sheet-metal fabrication termed Horn Antenna) is capable of harm to a living being up to about 2 meters[1]. Building materials provide insignificant attenuation[2] to RF energy.
>     -   Human vital sign detection[3]. Improvisation to locate a target of opportunity behind opaque barriers involves exceeding stipulated upper limits of RF emitter's radiated power until a living being is located.
> 3.  Need for detection:
>     A survey of material science, forensic science and communicating with NIST's forensic scientists reveals no forensic tests exist to detect harm from common sources emitting powerful energy.
> 4.  Barrier for entry:
>     Expertise in electronic circuit design/fabrication and awareness of types and extant of harm from powerful EM energy vs. distance to victim without rousing suspicion of malice.
> 5.  Query:
>     Since the above re-purposed technology enables intimidation/coercion of,
>     (a) a competing candidate from one's own and/or opposing political party
>     (b) critics
>     intending to limit free speech, would it help to have the FEC require an electoral candidate submit a written disclosure disavow criminal acts of initiating and/or orchestration by negative indirect speech to stifle free speech by using visible (e.g. person) and invisible (e.g. powerful energy) methods.
>     To support this notion that law needs to protect electoral candidates, I relate the untimely passing of a political contender in Baltimore MD which is summarized by Baltimore Sun as "The death of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz surprised many people in part because he was healthy and fit with no history of heart disease"[4]. Sudden cardiac arrest[5] if induced by malicious re-purposing of potent EM energy finds support by a population health study[6]. While cardiac arrhythmia can be brought on by many other causes, it is very likely to be brought on by malicious use of potent EM energy. The most unfortunate circumstances that met Kevin Kamenetz's family needs precise explanation that his passing was not due to malice which would need forensic tests to detect post-exposure biomarkers which in this case is excess Ca2+ in the cytoplasm.
>     Best Regards,
>     Suresh
>     [1] A Spectral Power Density calculator like hintlink.com/power_density.htm is used by HAM radio hobbyists to estimate distance one stays away from a radio transmitter.
>     [2] Stone WC. Electromagnetic Signal Attenuation in Construction Materials. In: NIST Interagency/Internal Report - 6055. 1 Oct 1997.
>     [3] http://www.eenewsanalog.com/news/radar-sensor-can-detect-human-vital-signs is a module that integrates into an encompassing electronic circuit. Doppler radar detects a living being beyond construction barriers described in, Ling H, Ram S. "Detecting Human Activities Through Barriers: Doppler Radar Signals Become Animation". www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/09/080925094719.htm.
>     [4] McDaniels AK. "Kevin Kamenetz lived a healthy lifestyle, so how can someone in good shape suddenly die of cardiac arrest?". www.baltimoresun.com/health/bs-hs-cardiac-arrest-20180510-story.html.
>     [5] Cardiac Arrhythmia is found to be a leading cause of Sudden Cardiac Death. When Cardiac Arrhythmia is diagnosed, it is treated using radiofrequency ablation (medium range frequencies of 2-20MHz) which cauterizes some regions of the heart to regulate heart beat. While RF plays a positive role in regulating heart rhythm at low frequency range, energy at the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum are said to activate Voltage Gated Calcium Channels (VGCC). VGCC facilitate movement calcium (Ca2+) ions from extra-cellular to intra-cellular medium (cytoplasm). The activation of L-Type VGCC after exposure to microwave causes significant influx of Ca2+ to the cytoplasm described in "Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects", http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jcmm.12088/full. The paper "Role of Calcium Channels in Cardiac Arrhythmias", https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-642-73914-9_25 shows elevated Ca2+ in cells of the heart due to activation of L-Type VGCC (after exposure to RF or a different Natural cause) leads to Cardiac Arrhythmia, this is further corroborated by conventional practice where calcium channel blockers/inhibitors targeting the L-Type VGCC provide antiarrhythmic relief described in "Voltage-gated calcium-channels and antiarrhythmic drug action", https://academic.oup.com/cardiovascres/article/45/1/43/414703/Voltage-gated-calcium-channels-andantiarrhythmic.
>     [6] From "Sudden Cardiac Death in the United States, 1989 to 1998", http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/104/18/2158, I quote "Despite major advances in the prevention and medical treatment of cardiac diseases and improvements in emergency transport systems, we found that >60% of cardiac disease deaths continue to remain sudden"..."The present surveillance data demonstrate a 10-year decline in the proportion of cardiac deaths that occurred in the hospital or in the emergency room or were dead on arrival at the emergency room but an alarming increase in the proportion that never made it to the hospital. This trend probably reflects ageing of the US population and the later onset of sudden, fatal cardiac events in the elderly, who experience 83% of SCDs. Still, we found an increasing trend in the proportion of out-of-hospital cardiac death in all age groups. Thus, future efforts to reduce the burden of mortality from heart disease must address out-of-hospital deaths…".
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