[OIT-Colocation] access to Academic Data Center until midweek - now to Oct 5?

Allen Schiano schiano at uci.edu
Mon Oct 3 09:22:17 PDT 2011

OIT Colo partners

OIT is in the midst of renovating the 'Lab B' area of the ADC in 
Engineering Gateway.  As such, the usual way for you to enter the ADC 
via the 'Lab B' door and control pad is unavailable until after 
Wednesday of this week.  Possibly Thursday.  Until then please contact 
me if you need access to the facility.  I or a student consultant can 
provide you access to the ADC via one of the other doors where we have 
'hard key's to enter.  You can contact me at schiano at uci.edu or x42829 
or my cell - 949-735-1956.  The usual OIT phojne number x42222 can also 
be used.

Thank you for your patience with our lab renovations.

Allen Schiano

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