[OIT-Colocation] Downtime for Co-located systems in the ADC on October 6th from 8 AM to noon

schiano at uci.edu schiano at uci.edu
Sun Sep 23 08:46:48 PDT 2012

OIT ADC Co-location Partners:

We will be having a scheduled downtime of the OIT Academic Data Center
(ADC) power supplies on the morning of October 6th from 8AM to noon. 
During that time, power will be removed from your systems in order to
allow campus and contracted electricians to perform several power
modifications that are critical to the expansion of the ADC in order to
accommodate equipment from the soon-to-be-closed Law Building Data Center.

We expect power to be cut from your systems starting at 8 AM and to be
unavailable for several hours.  Since the work might be completed before
noon, we suggest you contact the OIT help Desk (x42222) after 10AM to
determine when power is returned to your systems.

A small set of your most critical systems in the ADC are being powered by
electrical circuits that are connected to the small emergency generator
for the ADC which will be operational during this downtime.  If you are
unsure of your status, I suggest your contact the ADC Engineer, Alex
Odyniec (odyniec at uci.edu) to discuss these issues.

Once this work is completed and further ADC work concludes in early
November, the ADC capacity will be greatly expanded and we look forward to
more capacity (including generator backed power) in the near future. 
Thank you for your understanding of our need for this downtime.

Allen Schiano

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